Heath- Franchise Owner

“It feels great to be profitable this early, and with tons of potential still available"

Matt- Franchise Owner

"In just the first 12 months my franchise reached over $557,600 Annual Recurring Revenue"

Jake- Franchise Owner

"We couldn’t be happier with our decision to own a Reliable Facility Group Franchise!"

Albert- Franchise Owner

"I highly recommend investing in your own Reliable Facility Group Franchise, you won't be disappointed!"

Dylan- Franchise Owner

"My business partner & I were thoroughly impressed with everything. We were off and running in a MONTH!"


Low Cost | High Income Potential | Work From Home!

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Why Own A Commercial Cleaning Franchise With Reliable Facility Group?


Control your future by owning a commercial cleaning franchise that can run without you needing to clean. Set your hours and build your business around what matters most.


Make money even when you’re not working. Build an empire or keep your business small. The $101.2B cleaning franchise industry is full of recurring income and recession proof customers.


No industry experience is required to start your janitorial franchise with Reliable Facility Group. Follow our proven marketing system to rapidly grow your commercial cleaning business, access top industry training, and leverage ongoing support.


Work from home, check on your cleaning buisness from anywhere, and easily have anyone run your business for you. Leverage our proprietary systems like the SmartOffice, EndlessTalent Funnel, and more.

Market size of Janitorial franchises in the U.S

$101.2 Billion


There’s No Limit To Your Potential

Take Advantage Of A Growing Commercial Cleaning Franchise Market

Own a Reliable Facility Group cleaning franchise that allows you to earn an unlimited income from your protected territory. Use our marketing systems and methods to grab as much of the $101.2 billion commercial cleaning industry as you want. Not only this, but the the commercial cleaning industry continues to experience steady annual growth in the U.S. We seek to disrupt the commercial cleaning industry and make an important difference in local communities with our strategically formulated necessity-based franchise business model for the commercial cleaning industry.

If you are in business ownership, starting a commercial cleaning service business with our team is a professional move that is certainly worth considering.

Cleaning Franchise Business Opportunities


Leverage Our High-Growth Approach by Joining Us as a Franchise Owner


Start winning customers right away with our marketing systems, training, and support. No sales experience or cold calling required.


Build your team to do the cleanings for you. Use our proprietary EndlessTalent Funnel to keep your business staffed and caring for your customers.


Continue building your income or put your business on autopilot. Your potential is unlimited with a Reliable Facility Group commercial cleaning franchise!

Meet Our Cleaning Franchise Founder

Matt Pencarinha

“Helping you transition into the entrepreneurial space, while avoiding the costly and painful mistakes that I made, is my passion”. Everything we do at Reliable Facility Group is about guiding you through your start-up period and beyond, as you build a life changing business.

Starting in 2014, Matt knew there had to be a better way to make a living than grinding out 80-hour weeks in a corporate environment. He left the corporate world and jumped into owning his first business and struggled to make a living. After years of innovating, building, buying, and selling multiple businesses, he discovered what works and what doesn’t work. Then he launched the original Reliable Facility Group location and the rest is history. You can now experience the winning combination of marketing, and systems & processes that resulted in the Reliable Facility Group commercial cleaning franchise opportunity.

Matt has built five businesses over the years. He has been a franchisee for two of those and has now developed the Reliable Facility Group cleaning franchise to help you take advantage of our exclusive systems and processes. He knows what it’s like to be a franchisee and also how to build a growing business from scratch. Your business is what matters most!

Matt Pencarinha, founder of Reliable Facility Group Cleaning franchise



“3 months ago I started my commercial cleaning business with the Reliable Facility Group Franchise and I couldn’t be happier! I have a growing client base, great employees, tons of support, and I’m getting more quote opportunities all the time. It feels great to be profitable this early with tons of potential still available. The low entry cost for a huge potential with great infrastructure is what sealed the deal for me. I’m already looking into expansion! And with the constant support, I know I’ll continue to add to my current success.”


“Starting my Reliable Facility Group franchise is the best move I have made in my career. I owned a home remodeling company for over 10 years. While I enjoyed that work, it was really taking a toll on me. I had always wanted to take my construction company to the building maintenance world, so I started to look at purchasing existing cleaning companies in my area. They were expensive and you weren’t getting anything with the purchase except unreliable contracts. I was very close to purchasing one and the 2020 pandemic hit, shutting down all offices. I walked away from the deal…And thank God I did! While doing an internet search I came across Reliable’s commercial cleaning franchise. I liked the opportunity and spoke with my business partner right away. We both decided to give the number a call. We spoke with Matt the owner on our first call. He was great very energetic and positive. He was very excited to speak with us. A couple of weeks later we were on a plane headed to NC to see the original operation. A month after that we were up and running. Reliable has been amazing to work with. Matt has taught us so much about the business and Reliable is set up so streamlined. Support is available whenever you need them for a problem or a question. The training has helped us so much on being streamlined as well. I highly recommend investing your own Reliable franchise today, you won’t be disappointed!”


“I was in a transition period for my career and I always knew that my goal was to own my own business. However, I never knew what that meant or what that would be. Like a lot of people, I was looking for that “big idea” and then start a business around that, but the more I researched, the more I realized that I needed to learn how to run a business. That’s when I found Reliable. The business model was everything I was looking for because it was simply everything I had done in my old career which was manage people and manage systems. They set the franchise up in a way that it made it easy to build the business and was not overwhelming. The systems and products Reliable has in place to transition from a management position in the corporate world to business owner in a highly dynamic service industry makes the transition seamless. Matt, the CEO, taught me a new way to see things, a new way to talk, and a new way to interact with people. And it’s no exaggeration to say that he has been there through every step of our journey of starting this business. If I need to call or text, Reliable Support is there immediately to help us out. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to invest in a Reliable Facility Group Franchise.”


“I chose Reliable Facility Group because my business partner & I simply could not find another company that provided what they do. We were researching commercial cleaning companies and came across the Reliable Facility Group Franchise. We reached out to Matt Pencarinha (The Founder) and right from the start we could tell he was driven and passionate about the company. We discussed the franchise over a few zoom meetings and then decided we wanted to fly down to see how it all worked. Matt was enthusiastic and excited to show us the operation. My business partner & I were thoroughly impressed with everything. We decided to go ahead with the franchise. We were off and running in a MONTH! The technology involved is very advanced, they have a tool for everything. Support is very hands on- if you have a question they will answer your call or text with remarkable speed and guide you through the situation. Matt is even there to help with anything. I would recommend investing in a Reliable Facility Group Franchise, it was the best decision we made.”


“In just the first 12 months my franchise reached over $557,600 Annual Recurring Revenue, my wife was able to quit her job to raise our kids, and we were ready to automate our business by hiring a full-time manager. It feels amazing to know I won’t ever have to work for someone else again!”


Are You Ready to Own a Commercial Cleaning Franchise Opportunity?

Learn more about buying a commercial cleaning franchise. We have figured out a better way to do business within the commercial cleaning industry and are glad to share more information with you.

Steps Toward Owning Your Reliable Facility Group Commercial Cleaning Franchise


Get Franchise Info

Download our Franchise Information Report and be ready to connect with our team so you can learn more about the potential of the cleaning business.


Discover With Our Franchising Team

Connect with the Reliable Franchising Team to see the marketing, training, support, systems, territory, and more. You can ask any questions and take as much time as you need to learn about our incredible commercial cleaning franchise opportunity!


Review the Franchise Disclosure Document

Get your own copy of the Franchise Disclosure Document that shows you every aspect of owning a cleaning franchise with Reliable Facility Group. We’ll be glad to answer any of your questions.


Sign the Franchise Agreement and Start!

Meet your support team, begin your virtual training, and launch your cleaning business! Our first priority is helping you win as many paying customers as possible. 

Commercial Cleaning Franchise FAQ

What is a commercial cleaning franchise?

A commercial cleaning franchise provides cleaning services to businesses and organizations.

Our franchise equips entrepreneurs with the marketing, systems, and support to build their own business that provides commercial cleaning services to facilities in their protected territory.

Reliable Facility Group Franchise Owners are not janitors, they’re motivated business owners who build a team to run their business!

What are the benefits of owning a cleaning franchise?

Some of the benefits of owning a cleaning franchise include:

#1. Low startup cost with high income potential

#2 Recession proof income

#2. Proven business model

#3. Ongoing guidance, training, and support

#4. Developed systems, methods, and tactics

#5. Savings on software, cleaning products, and supplies

#6. Continued research and development

#7. Community of like-minded entrepreneurs

Do i need experience to own a cleaning franchise?

No! Reliable Facility Group’s franchise training program is designed to equip you for building your business in the commercial cleaning space.

You must be a motivated entrepreneur, and a financially qualified and driven individual, who is ready to learn how to run and build your own businesses. This is a people-and-service business, with low overhead and high potential. To maximize the benefits of the commercial cleaning franchise system, you should have management experience and be willing to follow the franchise system.

How much does it cost to get started?

That’s primarily up to you. It can take as little as $5,000 down to lock in your initial territory and then $5,000 to launch your business. If you have large growth goals, you’re able to lock in multiple territories and invest even more heavily into growth. It’s all your business!

Compare these numbers to other protected-territory cleaning franchise systems that require $60,000 or more to start. Most other franchises in general take $300,000 or more to get going!

How does a Reliable Facility Group Franchise help me get customers?

We equip and support our franchisees with the best marketing materials and methods available today. Our franchisees are able to secure their own customers relatively quickly using our systems and are not limited by an outside sales team.

You might ask: “What about franchise brands that give accounts to start with?”

Here are the problems for franchisees that join franchises because they’re ‘given’ accounts:

#1. Franchises that give starting accounts still own those accounts and have been known to take them away.

#2. Review the startup fees of those franchises and you’ll see that franchisees are being charged a year or more of profits upfront.

#3. In an effort to ‘give’ starting accounts to new franchisees, these franchises often underprice the accounts and the franchisee cannot afford to properly service the accounts.

#4. Franchises that practice this have periods of 120 days or more to get the accounts, meanwhile you’ve paid and are waiting.

#5. These franchise brands have been known to discourage their franchisees from attempting to win new accounts on their own. In order to grow within these systems, their franchisees are required to continually pay heafty ongoing fees, and additional fees for new accounts.

#6. “But these accounts are bound by contracts right?” Wrong. If a customer want’s to quit service, they will quit service. Even if you paid for the account and are still in debt to the franchise organisation.

Our Reliable Facility Group Franchisees don’t have these problems. They can start winning buisness much faster, do not pay any fees for accounts they win, and they completely own their business.

Is business financing available?

You can get started with our interest-free installment plans for the franchise fee. Cash is crucial at the start of your buisness and this is just one of the ways we invest in your future with you!

We are also glad to coordinate with any third-party business financing institutions that you wish to use.

Can I own multiple territories?

Yes! With a Reliable Facility Group Franchise, you’re able to choose your total territory size using any un-claimed areas.

AND: We actually award a free territory for every two that a franchisee owns. This is just one of the ways we award ambition within our commercial cleaning franchise system.

How large can I grow my Reliable Facility Group Franchise?

You are only limited by your goals, drive, and ability. The Reliable Facility Group Franchise is set up to handle all of the commercial cleaning revenue your territory has to offer.

Do you offer training and support?

Yes! You will have comprehensive initial training on how to grow and operate your franchise. Our training programs are able to be completed virtually, on-demand as your business progresses, and with your designated support expert. After your initial training is completed, you and your staff will also have on-going access to live support and training resources.

What is an FDD?

FDD stands for Franchise Disclosure Document. It is presented to prospective franchisees to display details of the franchise system, the costs, earnings representations, and the policies. The document allows prospective franchisees to make an educated decision about a franchise opportunity.

What makes Reliable Facility Group unique?

Glad you asked!

#1. We are still privately owned by our founder who remains committed to our mission of transforming people’s lives with great businesses. This committment ensures every decision we make is in support of our franchise investors.

#2. You own your customers and your business, unlike with other cleaning franchises. This allows your franchise to operate with lower costs and to grow more rapidly.

#3. Our proprietary systems give franchisees an unparalleled advantage in marketing, hiring, and managing their business

Reliable Facility Group Franchise Owners are not janitors, they’re motivated business owners who build a team to run their business!


Own a Commercial Cleaning Franchise and Take Control of Your Future

If you’re looking for a business opportunity that will allow you to achieve career success, an office cleaning franchise may be the perfect fit for you. Our franchise opportunity was developed with motivated entrepreneurs in mind, and we provide all the training and support you need to get started. 

Janitorial Franchise Report

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