Join The Unmatched Commercial Cleaning Franchise

With Reliable You Build A Company, Not A Job.


Cleaning Franchise Overview

Learn about the amazing commercial cleaning industry and what sets us appart from the competition!

Why A Cleaning Franchise With Reliable?

We solely exist to help you build a self-sustaining company, not a job. The commercial cleaning space is filled with recurring revenue, constant demand, and fragmented competition. We provide you with a cutting-edge approach to build your own company in this timeless industry.


Cleaning Franchise Overview

Learn about the amazing commercial cleaning industry and what sets us appart from the competition!

Unlike Any Other Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

Get more than just a business model with recurring revenue, constant demand, and fragmented competition. With a Reliable Facility Group franchise, you will get:


Unmatched Automations Designed to Give You Freedom


Tested Marketing Methods That Are Constantly Being Honed


Clear Step-By-Step Process from Launching to Scaling Your Business


Access to a Constantly Innovating Group of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs


True Business Training That Takes You Beyond the Basics


Support That Solely Exists to Help You in EVERY Phase of Your Business

Business Owners Face Difficult Challenges

Our Commercial Cleaning Franchise Helps Solve Them For You


SOLVED: Team-Building

Access our automated hiring system and method that allows you to scale quickly without being haunted by the notorious turnover other businesses owners struggle with


SOLVED: Cash Flow

Get paid FAST. Don’t settle waiting until next month to get the cash needed to run your business. We teach you exactly how to set up billing so that your money comes in upfront.


SOLVED: Customer Loyalty

Our approach goes beyond the basic quality and customer service game that competition plays. We take a completely different route to stay in control of the satisfaction and lifetime value of our customers


SOLVED: Stability

Learn how to how to crack into one of the most stable customer bases, the medical field.


Leverage Our Approach by Joining Us as a Franchise Owner

Become Indispensable

We compete on an entirely different level than other cleaning companies which affords us optimized growth and longevity.

Automate Everything

ROI, cashflow, and optimization are prioritized over outdated traditional methods of doing business.

Own a Culture That Wins

Use our systems and practices that attract and retain a team that is loyal beyond pay grades.


Are You Ready to Own a Comercial Cleaning Franchise?

Learn more about owning a Reliable Facility Group commercial cleaning franchise. We have figured out a better way to do business within the commercial cleaning space and are glad to share more information with you.

Meet Our Franchise Founder

Matt Pencarinha

Helping you transition into the entrepreneurial space, while avoiding the costly and painful mistakes that I made, is my passion. Everything we do at Reliable Facility Group is about guiding you through your start-up period and beyond, as you build a solid business.

Starting in 2014, I knew there had to be a better way to make a living than grinding out 80-hour weeks in a corporate job. I left the corporate world and jumped into owning my own business and struggled to make a living. After years of innovating, building, buying, and selling multiple businesses, I discovered what works and what doesn’t work. Then I launched the original Reliable Facility Group location and the rest is history. You can now experience the winning combination of systems and processes that resulted in the Reliable Facility Group franchise program.

I’ve built five businesses over the years. I’ve been a franchisee for two of those and have now developed the Reliable Facility Group franchise to help you take advantage of our exclusive systems and processes. I know what it’s like to be a franchisee and also how to build a growing business from scratch.

Matt Pencarinha, founder of Reliable Facility Group Cleaning franchise

Market size of Janitorial services in the U.S

$82 Billion


Take Advantage of a Growing Market

Commercial Cleaning Franchise Market Growth

The Cleaning industry has experienced steady annual growth in the U.S., resulting in a nearly $82 billion market. We seek to disrupt the commercial cleaning industry and make an important difference in local communities with our strategically formulated franchise necessity-based business model for the commercial cleaning industry

If you are an experienced manager with your eye on business ownership, opening a commercial cleaning franchise with our team is a professional move that is certainly worth considering.

Make An Impact
Reliable Facility Group is a cleaning franchise with the opportunity for anyone ready to follow an established system, manage a motivated team, and make a positive impact along the way.

The Reliable Facility Group franchise model can start as a home-based business and scale from there. With a flexible footprint, reasonable start-up costs, and specific target customer market, those selected to become commercial cleaning franchise owners with Reliable Facility Group can launch their business efficiently and with confidence!

Create a Bright Future

Owning and operating a business with a commercial cleaning franchise like Reliable Facility Group is an excellent way to build your professional portfolio and achieve work-life balance.

We seek financially qualified professionals who know how to manage an organization and are eager to follow the Reliable Facility Group model. Here’s what it takes to get started:


$34,000 for a single unit territory


$53,800 to $118,000
(See our FDD for details)

“We were lucky to find this company and Matt to work with us as we transitioned from the unreliable, ineffective services of the past. We appreciate the attention to detail and the weekly cleaning summaries. Matt has been open to any requests we have made and is a genuinely nice guy with a work ethic. Thank you, Matt!

– RFG Customer

“Matt and his team are very professional, personable, and most importantly, did a fantastic, thorough job of cleaning my medical facility. I will be using his company for all of my cleaning needs in the future.”

– RFG Customer

“Awesome boss, awesome co-workers, great teamwork, and not a difficult job at all! The pay is great for a cleaning job. I do not regret taking this on as a second job. Highly recommend!”

– RFG Customer

Where We Are Expanding our Franchise

We look forward to offering cleaning franchise opportunities in key target markets located near our company headquarters in Asheville, North Carolina. We are seeking franchise candidates starting in key metro areas in Tennessee, the Carolinas, and Georgia. Of course, the right candidate will be welcomed to discuss other possible locations.

If you find the idea of owning your own Reliable Facility Group commercial cleaning franchise an exciting proposition, we invite you to reach out to us today.

reliable group comercial cleaning franchise locations

Reliable Support From Day One

We are in the business of not only helping our commercial customers, but also helping entrepreneurs reach their professional goals. And, we are ready to offer the support you’ll need to open and grow your commercial cleaning franchise.


Full entrepreneurial training designed to equip and empower you to build your business at a high level.


Systems training on how to use our automations, methods, and tactics.


Templates, frameworks, and structures to guide key decisions you’ll make as a business owner.


Community of driven entrepreneurs that get results and want to make an impact.

Organized Methods

Marketing methods deigned to help prioritize your ROI and cashflow.

& So Much More…

Next Steps Toward Owning Your Reliable Facility Group Commercial Cleaning Franchise


Download the E-brochure

Learn more about the potential of a cleaning franchise business.


Schedule Your Connection Call (5-15 mins)

We’ll get to know each other further and share details on how we help you to succeed.


Connect with Our Franchise Team

We’ll answer initial questions and talk about qualifications


Review the Franchise Disclosure Document

Speak with Matt Pencarinha our CEO, evaluate the business model, review the FDD, and discover your advantages with your own Reliable Facility Group Cleaning Franchise.


Meet the Reliable Facility Group Team for Discovery Day

Visit our home office and see the original operation that started it all.


Sign the Franchise Agreement

Upon mutual agreement, we will send you your Franchise Agreement.


Attend Training in Asheville, North Carolina

Learn how to access and leverage all the knowledge, resources, and methods that come with your Reliable Facility Group Cleaning Franchise.


Activate Our Automated Hiring System

Prepare to launch your business! Set yourself up for a strong start with your new unmatched systems.


Launch Your Business with our Market-Tested Systems and Methods


Build a Disruptive Business That Matters with A Brand That Cares


Take Control of Your Future with Reliable Facility Group

We invite you to learn more about the commercial cleaning franchise opportunity we developed for motivated career builders. You can grow your own business and create the future you’ve always wanted.


Cleaning Franchise Overview

Learn about the amazing commercial cleaning industry and what sets us appart from the competition!