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Across North America, we have some great territories open. We offer protected territories to franchisees, which means that no other franchisee can market in their area. This does mean that the number of available opportunities will decrease as the Reliable Facility Group brand expands across the country, but it rewards our franchisees and that’s what we’re all about.

How we define territories

Since the Reliable Facility Group franchise excels at winning franchisees the most valuable customer on average, Medical Offices, we base territories on the number of these offices within an area. Each territory contains at least 300 medical offices with hundreds of additional commercial facilities.

The reason we exclusively focus on the number of medical facilities is that they are found in higher density commercial hubs with higher foot traffic. Higher foot traffic means a greater need for constant cleaning services. Medical offices also tend to be the most economically resilient and provide a stable base for our franchisees’ businesses.

Because we began franchising in 2022, there are many great territories are available. Act now if you want to lock in these fantastic opportunities as a Reliable Facility Group franchisee! Once a franchisee owns these great areas, they will no longer be available. Here are the states with territory that we currently have available:

•New Hampshire
•New Jersey
•New Mexico
•North Carolina
•South Carolina
•Washington DC
•West Virginia


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