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With so many new businesses starting up every day, it makes sense to consider finding a commercial cleaning franchise opportunity and becoming an owner.

Before signing with a specific cleaning franchise and realizing the dream of owning a commercial cleaning franchise, it’s a smart idea to take a look at the entire process, and understand what to expect along the way.

Best commercial cleaning franchise

The path from inquirer to commercial cleaning franchise ownership is one that every new franchise owner has taken, and there are some typical milestones they can plan on encountering as they go:

  • Commercial cleaning franchise Industry review
  • Brand review
  • Meeting with leadership
  • Building out, and opening up

It’s a process that our brand has refined and worked to make as simple and smooth for future owners as possible.

And it starts with a simple look at the industry.

Commercial Cleaning Franchise Opportunities

Every potential owner, whatever the business that interests them, should begin their search with an overview of the industry.

Industry health can tell a prospective owner a lot about the promise of a particular brand. How has the industry performed in the past? And what are the expectations for future expansion?

In the case of top commercial cleaning franchises like Reliable Facility Group, that means looking at the larger janitorial services industry.

Janitorial services have been growing for years, with steady expansion for decades, and continued development of new technology and processes. In 2020 the janitorial market size was $255bn.

And the future looks to see additional growth, with continued revenue development and increased demand for services.

The janitorial-services business is an industry on the move, and that’s helped Reliable Facility Group become one of the best commercial cleaning franchises for potential owners around today.

Buying a cleaning franchise

Once future owner has taken a big-picture view of the cleaning franchise industry and satisfied themselves that they can continue their journey, they can turn to the commercial cleaning franchises themselves.

Connecting with the right brand is an essential part of the experience. Take as much time as needed for this step, and don’t be afraid to dig in and ask as many questions as required to feel comfortable making a choice and moving forward.

Which brands have the tools for growth? And how do they work with their owners to make sure they have everything they need to support both owner and brand development?

At Reliable Facility Group, this is one of the points in the process where we shine.

We consider our owners to be part of our family, and make sure they know that they’re never alone. We’re there for them when they need us and want them to become the business leaders for tomorrow.

And we’ve built a reputation for integrity and honesty that’s helped us build a growing pool of loyal customers. It’s served us well in the commercial cleaning franchise business and has positioned us in a favorable spot for future expansion.

Leadership in the cleaning market

Understanding the industry, and finding the commercial cleaning franchise that they identify with and want to be a part of, are the primary tasks of a prospective owner.

Once they’ve done their due diligence and found the brand that speaks to them, they can start to get to know the people behind the business.

Take the time to visit with as much of the senior leadership as possible before continuing. This should be a kind of mutual audition for all parties, and is as essential to the brand as it is to the future owner as a way of determining how well everyone might work together as a team.

Reliable Facility Group makes these face-to-face encounters a crucial step in our onboarding experience.

Potential owners join us for our Discovery Day to meet with senior staff, including franchise founder and CEO Matt Pencarinha. We make sure that every person on the team is ready to work with the new owner, and that the owner is ready to start working with us to transform the industry.

Building Out, and Opening Up!

Progressing from inquirer to future owner is a journey in and of itself, and has so far moved from industry, to brand, to leadership. All that’s left is to sign with the chosen commercial cleaning franchise, and get ready to serve the public!

For new Reliable Facility Group owners, this can be an exciting time, when dreams start to move into reality.

Reliable Facility Group understands that owners can best build the brand when they get solid backing all the way, and that includes startup. We help owners find the territory that best works for them, and customize every franchise package to meet individual needs.

We stand behind our owners with one-on-one training and make sure the new franchise gets the marketing and social-media presence so essential to modern brand growth.

We’re there with our owners from Day One, and we support them whenever they need extra assist, no matter when or where it’s required.

Own a Commercial Cleaning Franchise with Reliable Facility Group

Reliable Facility Group knows the cleaning business from a lifetime spent creating a new kind of brand, one that centers integrity and reliability in everything we do.

We’ve built a franchise for tomorrow, with a startup process that’s scalable and can fit owners of all types.

At Reliable Facility Group, we’re preparing to expand again into new territories, and we’re looking for potential owners to join us.

Want to learn more? Let’s start a conversation today!