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Do you have questions about owning a commercial cleaning franchise with Reliable Facility group? Here are some quick questions and answers that will help you right away. Connect with our team when you Request Franchise Information and we will be glad to get you answers to all of your question

How Much Does It Take To Get Started?

The total initial investment necessary to begin operations ranges from $16,900 to $49,700. This includes a $9,700 initial franchise fee for a single unit agreement.

The additional amounts are dependent on how much you want to invest in opening marketing, whether you want to start with an office space, how much extra cash you want to have on hand, etc.

For a full list with detailed amounts, please request more franchise information and refer to our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

What Do I Get For The Initial Franchise Fee Investment?

There’s a phrase we hold to at Reliable: “Everyone Competes, Champions Dominate.” Every franchise will give you enough to compete; enough to get by in the marketplace. At Reliable Facility Group, we believe you deserve the best there is to offer when you invest with us. You’re equipped to Dominate and build a Champion business from day one!


1. Protected Territory Rights: Your territory is locked in, and no other franchisee can market to facilities in your territory.

2. Brand Rights: Access logos, brand color codes, fonts, and more to use how you wish.

3. Initial Training: Our support team will dive into every part of the business with you, help you start winning paying customers as soon as possible, and more.

4. Personalized Webpage: Have an immediate digital presence so eager facilities can find your location and ask for a quote.

5. Operation’s Manual: Every how-to and aspect of operating and building a Reliable Facility Group franchise is spelled out. Easily navigate with the table of contents.

6. Operating Software: We use the best third-party commercial cleaning management software in North America. You get access to this software at a discounted rate and learn our unique approach to using it.

7. Marketing Materials: Templates, print documents, pricing calculators, and everything you need for winning customers.

8. Competitive Edge: We take a completely different approach than competitors to satisfying customers and keeping them longer (if not forever).

WHAT YOU GET ABOVE AND BEYOND (Only with a Reliable Facility Group Franchise)

9. ONLY WITH RELIABLE- CleanLaunch Marketing Program: Get a customized step-by-step marketing plan specifically designed to attract and win valuable medical offices and ideal facilities in your local territory. We also set up your Google Business Profile and PPC campaigns to boost your visibility out of the gate and to support your step-by-step plan.

10. ONLY WITH RELIABLE- Protected Operational Drive: Think of this like a modern version of the Operation’s Manual. The Operational Drive is an immensly practical easy-to-navigate toolbox that contains checklists, templates, marketing assets, how-to documents, labels, lists, training videos, and everything you need to dominate in your territory and grow your business.

11. ONLY WITH RELIABLE- Proprietary EndlessTalent Funnel: Worried about finding staff to clean like everyone else? Don’t be. Seriously. The day you turn your location’s Endless Talent Funnel on, you will be flooded with eager applicants who are signing up to interview with you. This system automatically invites, contacts, evaluates, schedules interviews, communicates, gives directions to applicants, and more. All on your behalf. You don’t have to make a single call, send a single text or email. Get eager applicants on demand no matter how the economy is doing.

12. ONLY WITH RELIABLE- Proprietary SmartOffice: What if anyone could immediately step in and run your business for you, and everything would continue smoothly, and you could be almost anywhere? That is the purpose of the SmartOffice. It keeps your business on track and running seemlessly without you having to oversee it all day or pay anyone excessive wages to run your business. Put more profit in your procket now that your SmartOffice keeps your business on track.

13. ONLY WITH RELIABLE- Proprietary Digital Staff Training Program: Leverage our digital training platform to prepare your employees before they ever set foot in a facility. This program is designed to train employees on how to clean, set their mindset to helping your business grow, and keep them from repeating mistakes that we’ve learned along the way. You can see their progress and customize training for your operation as well.

14. ONLY WITH RELIABLE- Proprietary Automated Onboarding System: No more paperwork! Anytime you hire a new employee, your Automated Onboarding System will do the heavy lifting for you by filling out their paperwork, getting direct deposit info, having them sign important documents, etc. You’ll automatically be given their digital documents to store however you wish.

15. ONLY WITH RELIABLE- Private Reliable Communication Hub: Connect with other owners, corporate, and support via our private Slack channel. Communicate seamlessly across all platforms with the Reliable Community to share ideas, get help, and learn best practices.

Is financing available?

You can get started with just $5,000 down on each territory you want to own with our interest-free installment plans for the franchise fee. Cash is crucial at the start of your buisness and this is just one of the ways we invest in your future with you!

What are the ongoing fees?

After paying the initial franchise fee, franchisees do not pay any other fees for 4 months. This is their CleanLaunch period and we want to give our franchisees every dollar possible to lay a strong foundation for their business.

After the 4 month CleanLaunch period, we collect a royalty fee that’s the greater of either $250/month or 7% of gross revenues, and a technology fee of $30 per week that may adjust as a franchisees business grows.  

Fees such as these allow us to fund our ongoing support services and the continued development of programs, marketing tools, training programs, and systems upgrades. For a full list of fees and requirements, please request more franchise information and refer to our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Are there any advertising fees?

Franchise owners will be required to invest $500 per month on local marketing per territory on an ongoing basis. They will also contribute the greater of either $50/month or 0.5% of gross revenues into the brand marketing fund, which is designed to provide direct benefits to franchise owners in their immediate markets.

Does Reliable Facility Group Give Me Accounts?

Yes and No. If an account contacts Reliable Facility Group Corporate, that account will be referred to the franchisee that owns that territory.

But, the heart of the questions is: “Can I get given accounts to start with? That are already priced, have signed agreements, and that I can start cleaning right away?”

Let’s consider this question from another angle: if any franchise company invests in sales people, negotiation, etc. to give their franchisees accounts, and all their franchisees have to do is clean, who’s accounts are they really? When you carefully read the fine print of the franchises that “give” accounts, it becomes clear that they still own the accounts. These franchises can/do take these accounts away at any time (even the ones they make their franchisees pay “to have”).

That is not the case with Reliable. We want your business to remain fully your buisness. We give you the training, support, and systems to rapidly build a business that is 100% yours!

How Long Until I Get My First Account?

In our FDD, you’ll see that our original location was earning over $1,000 revenue within it’s first month and then began growing significantly at the end of 3 months. By the end of 12 months it was earning over $557,600/year in revenue. And this was before the CleanLaunch Marketing Program was developed. This program has new Reliable locations launching with 5X the marketing we were doing at the start!

You can also ask current franchisees how fast they were able to get their first accounts when you continue through our Discovery Process after requesting more information.

Ultimately, how fast you get your first account depends on how fast you start the CleanLaunch Marketing Program, how well you follow it, and if you decide to do any extra marketing.

What Is The Average Income Per Account?

One of the unique aspects about owning a Reliable Facility Group Franchise is that we specifically target Medical Offices. We will certainly clean other spaces as well, but Medical generally has higher budgets and is more economically resilient.

When starting your business, we’re going to help you initially aim for accounts ranging between $1,000-$3,000/month each. Once you’ve won several and are comfortable, you can aim for the best accounts in your area. These can range up to $10,000/month each and well beyond. We cannot guarantee exactly how your market looks financially.

Is Your Staff W-2 Employees? Or 1099 Sub-Contractors?

The Reliable Facility Group model can work with both employees (W-2), and sub-contractors (1099).

We generally advise franchisees to use W-2 employees since this type of staff makes it easier to develop a strong culture, promote from within, and they are more dedicated to your local brand.

What Does The Initial Training Look Like?

Virtual | Live | Efficient

Our training is designed to be as efficient and practical for you as possible.

The same day you become a franchisee, your designated training & support staff will connect with you and they can even begin training with you that day.

Right away, the focus will be on winning customers and getting you familiar with how to operate the business. You’ll have immediate access to the Protected Operational Drive, Operation’s Manual, Communication Hub, and more. In the background, the support team will be turning on your proprietary automated Reliable systems.

Training is typically completed in multiple 1 to 2 hour blocks via Zoom with personalized input and information. In between sessions, you’ll be implementing your business and have full-time access to your trainer & support team for any questions. We move at your pace with training. Some franchisees want to work through it all upfront, others want to cover topics as they get closer to needing to know them. It’s all up to you!

The full range of training topics is covered in our FDD. We’re glad to review this with you when you submit a request for franchise information.

What Ongoing Support Do You Provide?

Your access to Training & Support does not stop after your initial training. It continues forever. Just as stagnant water becomes toxic, stagnant companies can also become toxic and die. We want your business and the Reliable Facility Group brand to keep moving, improving, and thriving!

In the spirit of keeping moving to you having full-time access to your support staff for any questions, ideas, troubleshooting, etc. at any time, and Reliable Facility Group is continuing to hone processes for you, teach improved methods, share new information, and more with you and your staff.

Support also has access to each of your systems and quickbooks in order to perform periodic “Health Checks”, fixes, and even office tasks if needed. Not only this, but Support can also come visit your location to help in person!

Your support team is here to be the guide and lifeline that saves you money, helps you move faster while avoiding mistakes, and takes your business ownership experience to the next level!

What is the territory size?

With a Reliable Facility Group Franchise, you’re able to choose your total territory size using any un-claimed areas.

Aside from rural location exceptions, each territory is calculated to contain 300 medical offices (not including hospitals). You can customize your overall territory size by locking in multiple territories.


Anytime a franchisee locks in 2 territories for themselves, they’re awarded a 3rd at no cost to them. We incentivise ambition and want to work with individuals who desire building a large commercial cleaning business.

This approach allows Reliable franchisees to access 900 medical facilities for the investment of just 2 territories.

Most of our franchisees prefer to invest in 4 territories, and they’re awarded 2 extra. This gives franchisees a large area with at least 1,800 medical facilities!


1. Medical facilities are great indicators of higher populations and the presence of many additional commercial spaces. If territories were calculated just on population, franchisees could accidentally select an area with dramatically less potential than another even though they have the same population. The same applies to genearal commercial spaces.

2. Medical facilities are generally better customers. They tend to have higher budgets for their facility size and they are more economically resilient when compared to most other industries

3. The Reliable Facility Group Franchise specializes in targeting and serving Medical Facilities, so we want to be where they’re at!

Can someone else solicit or sell in my territory?

NO. Your territory is protected and no other franchisee can sell or solicit in your territory.

If you want to work closely with another franchisee in a neighboring territory, you can certaily discuss an arrangement that is mutually beneficial. Just be sure to keep Reliable Corporate in the loop.

We ultimately want you to feel safe and excited about your investment with your Reliable Facility Group Franchise!

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