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The Reliable Facility Group story started in 2019 with Matt Pencarinha, a young man from Tennessee who had just moved to Asheville, North Carolina. Matt had always dreamed of being a successful entrepreneur. He left a comfortable upper management job to bet on his future, but unfortunately, the small cleaning business in Tennessee and other franchise ventures he bought into did not bring in enough income for his family to rely on. Desperate to provide for his loved ones, Matt and his wife were both forced to work long hours at demanding jobs, as the cost of living continued to rise.

Despite the challenges they faced, and having no connections in Asheville, Matt refused to give up on his entrepreneurial dreams. In 2019, he made the difficult decision to start a new business, determined to find a way to provide a stable and successful future for his family. After careful consideration, he settled on creating a new kind of cleaning business that would use modern technology and MBA level methods that would take a professional approach to winning the most valuable and hardest to-win customer of all: Medical Offices.

He set out to design a breakthrough marketing method that turned out to win dozens of large medical offices as daily customers within just a few months, he created an automated hiring system that kept his business flooded with talent and it was so efficient that he was able to have a waitlist of pre-interviewed applicants who were ready to work at a moment’s notice, and he redesigned the cleaning and office operations to be as self-sufficient as possible, so he didn’t need to be involved in the day-to-day.

The results? In just 12 short months, his business was bringing in over $557,600 in annualized revenue, and his wife was able to retire from her job. Best of all, the business required just 2 hours of Matt’s time each week to manage, giving him the freedom to spend more time with his family and enjoy the rewards of his business.

Matt had finally found success as an entrepreneur and was able to create a high growth, limitless, recession-proof business that brought in consistent, recurring revenue without the typical industry struggles of finding and retaining labor. He knew that his developments could revolutionize the commercial cleaning industry and impact other entrepreneurs’ lives. Today, our system is available to determined entrepreneurs that want to build their own self-sustaining business.

We still operate with this strong entrepreneurial spirit and a deep commitment to maximizing our franchisees’ investment in our brand through research and development, innovation, service development and marketing. We protect our intellectual property and target our innovation towards additional revenue-generating opportunities for our franchisees. The innovations that gave birth to the Reliable Facility Group brand continue to create value for our customers and franchisees: Our Endless Talent Funnel, SmartOffice, CleanLaunch marketing program, and more.

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