How Much Does it Cost to Have a Cleaning Franchise?

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America has been a place for commerce since it was founded, and that commerce comes with infrastructure needs, including commercial custodial services. But how much does it cost to have a cleaning franchise in today’s business landscape? The fees for a cleaning franchise are generally in the range of $10,000 to $50,000.

Getting the right answers to the most pressing concerns can help potential owners find the right franchise for them, and provide them with a solid foundation as they begin to build their own business.

This article looks at the questions that should be at the top of a prospective owner’s mind. 

  • Is the industry growing?
  • Which franchise has potential?
  • Does the brand support its owners?
  • What can new owners expect when they join the franchise?

How much does it cost to have a cleaning franchise with the brand?

Is the Cleaning Industry Growing?

A primary concern for potential owners, in addition to fundamental concerns like how much it cost to have a cleaning franchise, is the industry itself.

Before wondering “How much does a cleaning franchise make?”, it’s a good idea to get an overview of the larger industry’s health. That means taking a look at past performance, along with expectations for future development.

In the case of people interested in owning a cleaning franchise, the business in question is the janitorial services industry. It’s been part of the economy as long as the nation has been around.

Did a new store, factory, or industrial facility get built? Odds are good they’ll need custodial businesses to support them as they go about their day, and that can translate into market expansion for the right brand.

Commercial cleaning services, like those offered by Reliable Facility Group, are crucial aspects to companies across the country. That’s part of the reason why the janitorial services industry is projected to see steady growth for at least the next five years.

Which Cleaning Brand Has Potential?

Learning the outlook for the janitorial services industry can give prospective owners the assurance they need to look further into the business, and let them proceed with their own plans for the future.

Industry is just the start. So how much does it cost to have a cleaning franchise? In order to answer that question, a future owner needs to find the brand that best connects with them.

Answering “How much is a cleaning franchise?” depends on the brand, after all, and what kind of approach they take to the business.

Begin by looking at the policies behind the franchise.

In the business world, a brand’s reputation can influence growth. It’s one reason why Reliable Facility Group has taken such a prominent place in the industry.

We don’t cut corners to save money or engage in underhanded practices at the cost of serving our clients. Integrity and innovation are part of the everyday at Reliable Facility Group.

Does Reliable Facility Group Support Its Owners?

After identifying the brand that interests them, prospective owners should dig into the details to get a big-picture view of the franchise.

It’s a step that can be more definitive and consequential than asking how much it cost to have a cleaning franchise.

No matter the field, every new owner wants to know that they’re not alone when they open their doors to serve their clients. Having robust franchise support behind them can give them the backing they need to focus on developing their business and building the brand.

Reliable Facility Group recognizes that owners are best placed for growth when they have solid backing from us, and we’ve built a support package that aims to deliver that.

We’ve designed our franchise model to be as flexible as needed, and can scale according to every owner’s needs. And we’re with them from day one, helping them get started, supplying them with our in-house training and marketing tools, and making sure they know that we’re there to lend a hand.

What Can I Expect When I Join Reliable Facility Group?

Every potential owner wants to have a smooth experience when they select their franchise. That’s why Reliable Facility Group has developed an onboarding experience that customizes every journey, and works to give every owner the care they need as they join us.

It begins with the initial phone call — we determine eligibility, and answer key questions like “How much does it cost to have a cleaning franchise?” along the way.

After that, future owners connect with our franchising team to get a more in-depth look at the business, and to give everyone time to find out how they might fit together.

Then, it’s time for Discovery Day, when prospective owners meet in person with senior leadership, including face time with Reliable Facility Group’s founder and CEO, Matt Pencarinha. 

And after that? Things get exciting.

New owners sign with Reliable Facility Group, and huddle with us to start planning and building their new franchise.

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Cleaning Franchise with Reliable Facility Group?

At Reliable Facility Group, we’ve developed a franchise model that can move you into ownership for as low as $53,800. That helps us stay within reach of as many potential owners as possible, and can make us the right option for you.

Reliable Facility Group is ready to move into new territories, and we’re looking for future owners to come with us.

Want to find out more? Contact us today, and learn how to be part of the future of the cleaning industry!

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Author: Matt Pencarinha - Reliable Facility Group


Since 2014, Matt has built multiple businesses, including Reliable Facility Group, and developed a winning combination of marketing, systems, and processes for their commercial cleaning franchise.

His mission is to guide entrepreneurs through their start-up period and beyond, helping them build life-changing businesses.

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