How to Start a Cleaning Business from Scratch

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One of the key requirements of any business, in many industries, is basic cleanliness. Stores, medical centers, and other public venues all need regular care to keep them in top shape and appealing to customers. That’s why knowing how to start a cleaning business from scratch can be a smart move in the modern commercial landscape.

This article gives you free information on how to start a cleaning business, step by step and milestone by milestone.

We show you how to start a commercial cleaning business from scratch, and walk potential owners through the key moments they can expect to encounter.

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Cleaning Industry by the Numbers

A future owner who’s looking to learn how to start a cleaning business from scratch needs to have an understanding of the larger forces at work. A careful examination of the industry can help them get a “big-picture” view.

Any look at how to start a cleaning business from scratch should begin by reviewing industry statistics. How has the industry performed in the past? Has it grown, and is the market large enough to support additional development? What about the future?

For people interested in commercial custodial care, the industry they need to look over is the U.S. janitorial services industry. It’s a business that’s been growing alongside the industries it supports for generations.

Janitorial services in the U.S. enjoy a market size of almost $98 billion. The industry is expanding, too — it’s seen a 6.6% annualized growth rate for the past five years, and is projected to continue that upward movement for at least the next five.

That can be encouraging news for a prospective owner who wants to find out how to start a cleaning business with no experience.

Get Familiar with the Different Approaches of Top Cleaning Franchises

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Industry review should take as long as needed for a potential owner to feel comfortable moving ahead and getting more details on how to start a cleaning business from scratch. Take your time — these can be significant milestones in a new owner’s life, and they deserve study and deep consideration.

And once they decide to proceed, prospective owners can continue their quest to learn how to start a cleaning business with employees by taking a close look at the available brands.

This can be another key point in the process, and one that allows future owners to start getting familiar with the different franchises and their various approaches. Brands within an industry can often be vastly different in personality, vision, and drive, so it’s worth taking the time to understand them all.

Keep a few crucial aspects in mind — professionalism and integrity should be a brand priority, and look for a franchise that recognizes the constantly evolving role innovation and employee support play in building client trust.

Make sure to review the brands’ Franchise Disclosure Documents as well. These provide a one-stop solution to finding out each franchise’s business model and fee structure, and can be a great guide for potential owners who are interested in determining how to start a cleaning business from scratch.

What to Expect at Your Franchise Leadership Meeting

Every franchise journey involves meetings and getting to know the other members of the team. It’s part of the experience, and a vital part of the process that can help pair up people who share similar beliefs on business and community.

It’s the same across almost every industry, including for future owners who want to discover how to start a cleaning business from scratch.

That meeting with leadership can be essential to opening a healthy franchise. It’s the opportunity for all parties to get as much information as they need to feel comfortable going into business together.

Potential owners can expect to meet with the brand’s founder, CEO, or both, and to sit down with other key members of the franchise team to compare notes and find out how well the fit might be. Be ready to ask questions, and to answer some critical ones as well.

Meeting with the team helps prospective owners get their feet under them, and can smooth the road ahead as they prepare to join the brand.

Open Your Cleaning Franchise!

Anyone looking for information on how to start a cleaning business from scratch has likely dreamed of the moment they can finally shift gears and start turning dreams into reality. It’s usually what they’ve been working toward throughout the experience, and it can make all the advanced legwork start to pay off.

Expect the change to begin after signing with the brand. The franchise should be standing alongside the new owner, ready to assist with every step of the process.

The brand will usually assist with territory and location selection, build out, initial inventory and resupply, training, and much more. And they’ll likely be there to aid the owner during the Grand Opening and beyond.

The support shouldn’t stop when the business is open, either.

Ongoing assistance when it’s needed is part of the approach of many of the top brands, and can give owners a solid foundation on which to build the franchise.

Learn How to Start a Cleaning Business from Scratch with Reliable Facility Group

Reliable Facility Group has built a brand designed for modern operations, with a franchise model our clients love, and which keeps our owners squarely in mind at all times.

We believe in providing trustworthy, ethical, quality service to every client, and work every day to bring a professional approach to an industry of amateurs. It’s helped make us a brand to watch.

And we back up our approach with a belief in the owners who keep us operating with integrity. Our support structure was built around our owners, and aims to provide meaningful care, whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Reliable Facility Group is preparing to expand into new territories, and we’re looking for potential owners to come along with us.

Want to get more information on our brand and our plans? Contact us today!

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