How to Start a Disinfecting Business

How to Start a Disinfecting Business

Every business, no matter the industry, needs to maintain its facilities and keep things clean if they hope to grow. It’s a part of everyday life in the commercial sector, and it can make knowing how to start a disinfecting business with Reliable Facility Group a smart option for many potential owners.

Here’s what you can expect when you set out to learn how to start a disinfecting business, including a step-by-step layout of the evolution from inquirer to new franchise owner.

Find Out About the Disinfecting Industry

Every venture should begin with an understanding of the larger picture.

What does that mean for someone looking to find out how to start a disinfecting business with Reliable Facility Group? They should start their franchising journey by stepping back and learning as much as possible about the commercial-cleaning services industry.

It comes down to numbers — has the industry been adding to its market share, and is expected to continue doing so over the next few years? Ask these kinds of questions before getting deep into how to start a disinfecting business.

Commercial cleaning businesses are part of the backbone of the nation. It’s an industry with a market of almost $100 billion and growing, and it can often be recession-resistant thanks to its ties to the business community, which needs quality custodial services day in and day out, rain or shine.

Starting a disinfecting business places new owners in an industry on the rise, and can position the Reliable Facility Group franchise for future expansion.

Get to Know Potential Cleaning Franchises

Industry health can give potential owners interested in getting details on how to start a disinfecting business the confidence they need to move forward and look at the brand itself. Getting information on the franchise is crucial.

The more prospective owner knows, the more-informed they can be when they make decisions on their future. It’s high stakes, and it demands careful consideration of the brand’s business philosophy and way of working.

For Reliable Facility Group, that way of working means knowing how to start a disinfecting business that puts the focus on integrity, quality, and attention to detail. We’ve built a reputation for professionalism and honesty with our clients, and we’re constantly working to evolve the industry and our approach.

We believe that a brand is as good as the people on the team, and we work to give employees essential tools to help them learn and grow within the business.

It’s an owner-centered, client-conscious way of operating, and it’s helped Reliable Facility Group develop a modern take on how to start a sanitizing and disinfecting business aimed at supporting the commercial landscape.

Get On Board, and Start Serving Your Community!

After determining that Reliable Facility Group has the concept for how to start a disinfecting business that connects with them, it’s time for future owners to meet the team and prepare to open to the public.

For many new owners, this is the moment they’ve been imagining and planning for years. And it can be the beginning of an action-packed part of the franchising experience.

To begin with, they’ll meet with Matt Pencarinha, Reliable Facility Group’s founder and the vision behind the brand. This is a quick way to get to know each other and see how well everyone might work together.

After that, it’s time to sign on and get to work! The franchise team will assist with the build out and training, and will be there next to the owner to make sure the staff is ready, the inventory is filled, and the location is ready for business.

It’s all part of the Reliable Facility Group franchising process, and is designed to provide owners with equipment, knowledge, and experience as they get started.

Get Targeted Support for a Lifetime from Commercial Cleaning Experts

The franchising journey doesn’t end when the doors open for the first time, of course. Every day brings another lesson on how to start a disinfecting business in today’s commercial climate.

Reliable Facility Group recognizes that owners can always use assistance as they work, and we’ve made it part of our daily routine.

Our franchise owners know that they’re never alone, and have our expertise behind them at all times. We’ve got their back, and are ready to provide the kind of support that can help modern brand development.

Onsite visits, ongoing and evolving training, and a technology package that grows with the business are all standard operating procedures at Reliable Facility Group. And our owners can leverage our ongoing digital and social-media campaigns, to assist them in raising their visibility and growing their client base.

Reliable Facility Group believes in our owners, and we work to give them the assistance they need.

Learn How to Start a Disinfecting Business with Reliable Facility Group

Becoming a franchise owner doesn’t need to be a mystery. With the help of a forward-leaning brand like Reliable Facility Group, the franchising journey can be the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in your life.

Reliable Facility Group can be a part of that. We make integrity and quality cornerstones of our business, and work every day to deliver the kind of results our customers expect. It’s helped us become one of the industry’s future leaders, and a brand to watch.

At Reliable Facility Group, we’re ready for what’s next, and we’re on the lookout for potential owners to come with us as we grow.

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Author: Matt Pencarinha - Reliable Facility Group


Since 2014, Matt has built multiple businesses, including Reliable Facility Group, and developed a winning combination of marketing, systems, and processes for their commercial cleaning franchise.

His mission is to guide entrepreneurs through their start-up period and beyond, helping them build life-changing businesses.

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