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Custodial services have been an evergreen business for as long as the country has been around. As the industry has continued to expand, owning an office-cleaning franchise has become a surefire way to make a good living.

It’s more than just the industry itself though — Reliable Facility Group has developed a business model designed to adapt the age-old profession to the modern day, and that makes them the ideal choice among office-cleaning franchise opportunities.

Keep your Community Clean

Every office cleaning franchise, no matter where they set up shop, supports neighborhoods and communities around them. Those community ties are part of the business, and they’re one of the key drivers for Reliable Facility Group.

Franchise office cleaning means being crucial members in society, and acting as an essential element in the daily business cycle. We recognize the part community plays in our business, and have made our connections part of our way of working.

Every city where we operate, and each business we serve, is treated as the vital part of our industry that they are. We never take our customers for granted, and have designed our office-cleaning franchise with their needs in mind.

Reliable Facility Group brings our dedication to community and customer ties to every new franchise we build, and that helps our owners develop their business and the brand.

Deliver the Office Cleaning Services Customers Need

One of the goals of every business, whatever and wherever it might be, is the question of market and demand. Do they provide a needed service, and can they connect that service to the people who want it?

It’s one of the bedrocks of commerce, and it’s why Reliable Facility Group is excited for the future of our office-cleaning franchise.

A key reason is that we’re much more than just an office-cleaning franchise. We’ve made it our business to serve the customers who most need our service, and that’s led us to providing custodial care to a wide range of companies and interests, both public and private.

Every day, Reliable Facility Group cleans industrial spaces, including warehouses, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities. And we work with property management groups to keep their holdings in top shape, as well as financial institutions, restaurants, and educational enterprises.

We even serve large private medical spaces, working each day to give the businesses that care for people’s health the stellar results they’ve come to expect from us.

Provide Honest, Conscientious Office Cleaning Service

In office-cleaning franchises, just like every other field, one of the primary concerns customers have is whether they’re choosing a brand that has their best interests in mind at all times.

Everyone wants trustworthy care, and to feel good about the people who serve their needs. It’s a common demand across all industries, and can be especially important when dealing with custodial issues.

Janitorial services are, by nature, a position of trust. At Reliable Facility Group, we know our customers need to know that they’re in reliable hands — it guides our development as a brand.

We take a professional approach to the business, and pride ourselves on our solid, dependable service each and every day. In our view, superior customer care is the aim at all times, and that starts with ethical, considerate service from every Reliable Facility Group employee.

We established our reputation through diligent, upright attention to our customers, and we carry that same drive for quality as we look to expand into new areas.

Get Robust Franchise Support

Every day at Reliable Facility Group, we dedicate ourselves to our communities, and to making our business essential to the people who need it with considerate, trustworthy care. And our franchise support structure backs up that way of working with robust and ongoing owner assistance.

Our owners get industry-leading support from the moment they connect with us.

We help them through the franchising process with our expert advice and direction, and once they sign with us, they get to leverage our build team, training, marketing, and much more to get their own office-cleaning franchise up and operating the Reliable Facility Group way.

We don’t end our support when they open their doors, either. Our franchise owners receive daily attention from our experienced franchise team, who are ready to step in and lend a hand when it’s needed and provide the assistance so essential to brand development.

Everyday support is a cornerstone of our franchise model at Reliable Facility Group. It’s helped us build a brand made for our owners as well as our customers.

Own an Office-Cleaning Franchise Built for Growth with Reliable Facility Group

We make every day a Reliable day with our owner-first and customer-first approach.

  • Connect with the community
  • Deliver the services customers need
  • Provide an honest and conscientious service
  • Get robust franchise support

We love what we do and appreciate the people we do it with, and that helps us be more than just an office-cleaning franchise for sale — it gives us the tools to shake up the industry.

Creating a modern custodial franchise is a daily process, and it requires a forward-looking business approach and the kind of support, honesty, and service orientation today’s customers expect from their brand.

It’s that blend of the traditional and the modern, the time-tested and the innovative, that guide Reliable Facility Group and have given us what we need to develop our customer base and grow our franchise.

At Reliable Facility Group, we’re ready for tomorrow, and we’re looking for potential owners to come with us as we grow.

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Author: Matt Pencarinha - Reliable Facility Group


Since 2014, Matt has built multiple businesses, including Reliable Facility Group, and developed a winning combination of marketing, systems, and processes for their commercial cleaning franchise.

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