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Here are just some of the ways we can help you become a medical cleaning franchise owner with Reliable Facility Group:


Start-Up Guidance:

We will provide guidance and specifications as you take the initial steps toward launching your business. During initial training we will cover launching a cleaning business and then how to amplify your results using our systems.


Full Entrepreneurial Training:

We believe in training beyond just the basics of cleaning and using software. Yes, we will cover those, but our initial and ongoing training is also designed to equip and empower you to build your business at a high level. We do initial training both at our headquarters and onsite in your own protected territory. And, we’ll be there to guide you during ongoing operations.

Driven Community:

We are all building our businesses together and want to help take each other to new heights. Sharing ideas and practices is vitally important to how we stay on the cusp of doing business effectively.

Detailed Documentation:

Our confidential operations manual details the important aspects of running your Reliable Facility Group medical cleaning franchise, from key operational procedures and equipment maintenance, to finances, reporting, key business management topics, modern methods, and more.

Technology and Team-Building Tools:

We provide you with guidance on operations management platforms, along with a proprietary system designed to streamline and optimize crew member hiring and retention, which is often the number one challenge in other cleaning companies


Marketing Support:

Maximum ROI and Cashflow are our goal with marketing. We’ve developed a specific marketing method that cracks into the hard-to-reach medical space. You can also access brand guidelines, marketing templates, plus lead generation and local campaign guidance, to help build awareness in your area.

Ongoing Support:

We are always just a phone call or email away to answer any questions or assist you in any way.

“We want to be part of your journey.”

Matt Pencarinha, Founder

“We were lucky to find this company and Matt to work with us as we transitioned from the unreliable, ineffective services of the past. We appreciate the attention to detail and the weekly cleaning summaries. Matt has been open to any requests we have made and is a genuinely nice guy with a work ethic. Thank you, Matt!”

– RFG Customer

“Matt and his team are very professional, personable, and most importantly, did a fantastic, thorough job of cleaning my medical facility. I will be using his company for all of my cleaning needs in the future.”

– RFG Customer

“Awesome boss, awesome co-workers, great teamwork, and not a difficult job at all! The pay is great for a cleaning job. I do not regret taking this on as a second job. Highly recommend!”

– RFG Customer

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