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We believe Reliable Facility Group is one of the best investments out there. Smart entrepreneurs are locking down available Reliable Facility Group territories to secure their careers and financial futures.

A Reliable Facility Group franchise owner’s initial investment starts at $16,900. This includes the initial franchise fee, CleanLaunch marketing, insurance, equipment, and working capital. As a result, a franchise owner will only have to think about covering living expenses as they are starting the business.

Important points about the costs to own a Reliable Facility Group franchise:

  • The investment and startup costs cover the initial franchise fee, CleanLaunch marketing, insurance, equipment, and working capital
  • Franchisees do not pay any of the following costs during their first 4-months after signing their franchise agreement. We want every initial dollar going toward getting their business up and going!
  • We offer interest-free installment plans for any portions of the initial franchise fee that remain unpaid
  • The royalty is below the industry average and affordable- the greater of $250/month or just 7% of sales
  • Minimum local marketing requirement after first 4 months- $500/month per territory
  • National ad fund contribution- the greater of $50/month or just 0.5% of sales
  • Technology Fee- $30/week (this can vary as a franchisee’s business grows)

The Reliable Facility Group investment model results in a franchise with tremendous scalability and earning potential. Many entrepreneurs can secure multiple franchises and lock down more territories, depending on their financial situation, level of ambition, and commitment to growing their business.

Do you offer financing?

Reliable Facility Group offers interest-free installment plans for portions of the franchise fee and the plan is payment-free until the fourth month after signing the franchise agreement. Cash is crucial in the first few months of any new business, and we want our new franchisees to have these crucial months to reinvest in their business. This type of financing is hard to come by in the franchise industry, and it is just another way that we invest in the success of our franchisees.

Get Three for Two

Each Reliable Facility Group territory contains at least 300 medical facilities. For every two territories a franchisee invests in, they’re awarded with an additional territory of at least 300 more medical facilities. These additionally awarded territories are excluded from all minimum royalties, performance, and marketing standards. They only exist to help you grow your business faster!

Reliable Facility Group Franchise Cost

Five components make up the investment and startup costs of a Reliable Facility Group franchise business: the franchise fee, CleanLaunch marketing, insurance, equipment and working capital.

Cleaning Franchise Cost: The Variables

The hard cost of the Reliable Facility Group investment ranges from $16,900 to $49,700. The initial franchise fee is fixed at $9,700.

The cost of implementing the CleanLaunch marketing program varies depending on how quickly a franchisee wants to grow their business, and ranges from $3,000 to $5,000 per territory.

The fifth component–working capital–covers other hard and soft costs related to the startup that aren’t financed by Reliable Facility Group or a third party. These costs are variable and depend on the setup of each individual business. The general range for these costs is between $2,000 and $9,000 plus owner living expenses.

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