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 A Reliable Facility Group franchise can grow faster and still provide desired services at a higher level of consistency

Many cleaning franchise owners and independent cleaning businesses struggle to achieve consistently stellar results for customers because they lack the internal systems that provide adequate staffing, proper training, digital quality verification, optimized office coordination, and growth for more financial capacity to hire local management.

These inefficiencies lead to inconsistent results for customers, poor reviews for many cleaning businesses, loss of core employees, and loss of revenue. Growth isn’t going to happen under these conditions, and this is where most cleaning business owners find themselves.

But this is not the case with Reliable Facility Group franchisees. We’ve tediously designed, tested, and implemented enterprise level systems that supercharge our franchisees’ ability to please customers which leads to expanding their cleaning business.

Reliable Facility Group System: Endless Talent Funnel

The most common limit in the cleaning industry is staffing. Other cleaning franchises charge fees that can take away up to 40% of revenue from their franchisees, leaving those owners without the ability to pay for quality staff, and their customers end up suffering for it.

Even for cleaning businesses that don’t have large fees being charged, they can spend upwards of $1,000/month and 30 hours per week just trying to find and hire staff in order to grow.

At Reliable Facility Group, our owners operate in a low-fee environment and have access to our proprietary Endless Talent Funnel that can completely eliminate the cost of job advertising and reduce time spent on hiring & onboarding to just 2 hours per week. This proprietary system will endlessly attract ideal employees, reach out and connect with them, process their applications, invite and schedule them to interview, update them through their hiring process, keep a waitlist of eager employees ready for your next opening, complete new employee hiring paperwork on your behalf, train new employees, and more. It’s almost like a virtual assistant that never sleeps, never gets sick, and never gives franchisees “attitude.”

Heath Wooten, a Reliable Facility Group franchisee, turned on his Endless Talent Funnel and within one hour it had invited over 100 applicants to work for his business and booked 45 interviews. And this was during the hiring crisis in 2022! When he landed his first accounts, he had employees ready to work on day 1.

With our Endless Talent Funnel, franchisees can focus on building their business instead of being stuck working in it.

Reliable Facility Group System: SmartOffice

What if you could have anyone run your business at any time, with no training? And if you did need to manage your business, what if you could do it far away, from a distance? These are the goals of our SmartOffice.

Our SmartOffice is what makes it easy for franchisees to automate their business. This system lets every franchise office know what needs done each day, week, month, quarter, year, and on demand. It can be customized to each franchisee’s specific needs, and it also gives specific instructions for tasks, such as what needs done whenever a franchisee wins another customer.

Not only this, but many tasks within the system are also paired with specific instructions, go-to links, training videos, reference documents, etc. so that anyone can step in and get things done. It’s like an assistant office manager whose sole purpose is to make things go smoother and faster. That way any employee, manager, family member, or friend can step-in and run a franchisee’s business without having to go through extensive training. When there are no hiccups in the office, services for customers can have more support and produce the desired results that keep customers for the long term.

The SmartOffice is comprised of some of the best third-party business management software available today. And it comes entirely included with our technology fee of just $30 per week. Just the direct savings alone here are at least $3,088 for each franchisee within their first year of operation. More savings equals more cash in our franchisees’ pockets, and that’s what we’re all about!

Reliable Facility Group System: CleanLaunch

The primary goal for many commercial cleaning franchise owners is growing their business. Without the Endless Talent Funnel and SmartOffice in place, growth can be rocky and have setbacks. And even if a cleaning business is able to design systems like those, achieving rapid growth that’s significant enough for them to hire management is an entirely different challenge.

Again, many cleaning franchise brands charge such high fees, that their franchisees are unlikely to ever afford having someone else run their business. These brands seek to keep their franchisees in their business, not above it.

For cleaning franchises and businesses that aren’t suppressed by large fees, their growth struggles because they tend to fall for easier revenue and on-time projects from the beginning. These sources are hard to scale with since the easiest revenue to win is often from the customers that other cleaning companies are refusing to serve. Many times, the work isn’t consistent, dependable, or appreciated.

Growth with Reliable Facility Group is completely different. Since our franchisees are supported by high efficiency systems, we can set them on the path to high growth. We cracked the code on rapidly breaking into the most highly desired revenue type: Medical Offices. This type of customer tends to have bigger budgets, constant need, and offers a high level of recession resilience. The problem that most other cleaning services have is getting access to the managers of these facilities.

At Reliable Facility Group, we give franchisees our CleanLaunch marketing program that provides specific steps and materials on how to impactfully market to Medical Offices and win them as customers. It’s so effective, that it can take as little 5 hours per week of effort. No cold calling, professional sales skills, or door knocking required. We do ask that franchisees be ready to invest $3,000 within the first 3 months of their business into this initial marketing.

Matt’s Reliable Facility Group built over $540,000 of annually recurring revenue within the first 12 months doing far less than what our current CleanLaunch program has franchisees doing today.

Unmatched systems mean semi-absentee ownership

These systems enable our franchisees to build their business with as little as 8 hours per week (more is recommended, but this is possible). Once a franchisee builds their Reliable Facility Group to a level where they can hire a manager to take it over, it can take as little as 2 hours or less to manage their business. Of course, all of this takes work. And we want the work of Reliable Facility Group franchisees to be rewarding them far into the future.

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