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Reliable Facility Group is disrupting the entire commercial cleaning industry. What’s more, our proprietary business systems and industry experience enable franchise owners to provide top-notch services to customers without having to do the cleaning themselves. Our brand is positioned for franchisees to grab their own large portion of the vast commercial cleaning market by providing cleaning services to both large and small commercial office spaces.

The U.S. commercial cleaning industry is expansive and is growing faster than the population. Consider these points:

  • Commercial Janitorial Services are expected to exceed $101.2 billion in 2023.
  • The Janitorial Service Industry is growing over 5 percent annually, this is faster than U.S. GDP on average.
  • The 97 billion square feet of commercial space reported in 2018 is expected to reach 124.6 billion square feet by 2050. All of this current and new space needs ongoing cleaning!
  • During the 2020 pandemic, commercial cleaning services proved to be highly recession resistant, and were classified as an Essential Service.

Reliable Facility Group takes a completely different approach than conventional commercial cleaning services. First, it’s important to know that unlike most other industries, the commercial cleaning industry’s core service is very straightforward to complete. Daily cleaning services are not rocket science. That’s why other commercial cleaning franchises and companies fall into the trap of competing on just quality or price. There’s simply no way to remove dust that doesn’t exist and achieve a “new level of anti-dust quality”. And regarding price, services require people that clean with equipment, so reducing prices to be the lowest ends up backfiring because people won’t stay if they’re being underpaid or stuck using improper equipment.

Our system approaches the market differently and goes beyond just cleaning or being the “cheapest”. We’re winning the $101.2 billion commercial cleaning market by bringing 21st century technology to the outdated industry that enables our franchisees to provide a winning customer experience that facility managers cannot get anywhere else. Our franchise owners leverage our Endless Talent Funnel, SmartOffice, CleanLaunch marketing suite, and more to take over their local commercial cleaning market.


This is an ideal franchise for an entrepreneurial- minded individual with ambition, determination, and an aptitude for business. However, it does not require a large amount of money or experience to begin. Unlike most other franchises, we have the ability to provide the necessary training entirely online and you can start your Reliable Facility Group business with a down payment of just $5,000, with total startup costs as low as $16,900.

Reliable Facility Group has developed the most modern commercial cleaning business model in the country, and we are working to expand our number of locations and market share. This all translates to a considerable business opportunity for our franchise owners.

We safeguard our competitive advantage and intellectual property to guarantee the security of our franchisees’ investments. Reliable Facility Group’s chief goal is to support the growth and profitability of our franchisees, and our products, services and professionalism all are designed to achieve this.

Reliable Facility Group doesn’t offer franchises to just anyone. We carefully screen and evaluate franchise candidates to make sure each one is a good fit for our system. When you combine the broad range of investment amounts available to a franchise owner with the tools Reliable Facility Group offers its franchisees — including installments for portions of the franchise fee and a complimentary additional territory anytime a franchisee buys two territories— you end up with an excellent opportunity at an incredible price point.

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