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Our main goal is to help our franchise owners grow the most profitable businesses possible, and marketing is one of the best means of quickly accomplishing that goal. Gone are the days when you could run an ad in the Yellow Pages, make calls to a few important people, then sit back and wait for the contracts to pour in. On the other end of the spectrum, many franchisees are duped into wasting hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars per month on marketing that produces no to low ROI results.

Reliable Facility Group franchisees are equipped with effective marketing tools and methods. Included in your CleanLaunch marketing program is a digital asset setup. You will have an SEO-Optimized page on the website and a Google Business Page for ranking on Google. We will set up your Google Ads (Pay Per Click) advertising campaigns, and Local Service Ads campaigns (Pay Per Call). You will also have access to an optional mass emailing system that we developed which can send up to 1,000 emails per day to different facility managers.

Reliable Facility Group further provides its franchisees with all the tools they need to aggressively market their business locally to get the phones ringing. We provide you with templates, sales documents to give potential customers, business cards, post cards, and direct access to brand assets to use on anything franchisees want to put the logo on.


Owner Toolbox: A convenient online center packed with images, photos, printable sales pages, posts, and other graphics you can use to create your own local advertisements, plus templates your local graphic artists can customize, as well as additional resources.

Franchise Webpage: Reliable Facility Group provides each franchise with a customized webpage local owners can use to attract online traffic and convert visitors into customers.

Accelerator Marketing Program: This plan is the upgraded version of what Matt’s original breakthrough to rapidly grow the original Reliable Facility Group. You have access to the complete steps along with live support for strategizing how to expand in your territory.

The Perfect Sales Folder: A high value folder to give prospective customers that sets you apart as a trusted expert in their eyes. It is so valuable that prospective customers often keep it on hand for multiple years and remember the Reliable Facility Group brand when they decide to change cleaning companies.

CRM Tool: Our SmartOffice revolves around a web-based program that also enables you to keep permanent records of leads and customers, and to assign tasks to your team that will help you win more revenue.

Does Reliable Facility Group give customers to franchisees?

Let’s ask this question from another angle. If a franchise gives customers to franchisees, who’s customers are they really? We train and support our franchisees on how to win their very own customers by using Reliable Facility Group’s carefully calculated marketing resources and tools.

We want your business, to be your business. If a franchisor invests in marketing, a sales team, etc. to win customers for the brand, they can decide which franchisees to have service those accounts as well as how much to charge the franchisee for “giving” them the account.

Our goal in marketing is to help each franchise build a strong, deep, loyal customer base that stays a Reliable Facility Group customer forever into the future. Repeat customers cost far less money and time to reach than new customers. We want to see every franchisee build an incredibly profitable business for themselves.


Unlike most franchise systems, we do not require new franchisees to travel away from their families for a week or multiple weeks in order to train. The Reliable Facility Group system is instead optimized for the new post 2020 virtual work environment.

New franchisees can start building their Reliable Facility Group business immediately after signing the franchise agreement. Virtual training can be completed at the pace of the franchisee, and they can access any document, asset, training, etc. from The Owner Toolbox that’s available online, 24/7.


Some franchise opportunities throw new owners in a classroom, show them the “on” switch and send them on their way. At Reliable Facility Group, our training and support extend well beyond the start of a franchisee’s journey, with ongoing learning support provided throughout the first year of operation and continuing thereafter.

During the first year of operations, your support coach leads you to adopting the Reliable Facility Group best practices you learn in virtual training. These lessons reinforce training, and they help calm nerves while simultaneously helping new franchisees set and achieve benchmarks, which promotes success.

From one-on-one virtual training sessions to frequent phone calls with support coaches and franchise colleagues, Reliable Facility Group franchise owners become part of a network of knowledgeable and caring business owners. All the while, Reliable Facility Group commercial cleaning franchises continue to receive the support and backing of our operations staff.

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