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Every business must have customers to operate profitably. It is essential to please customers so that our businesses can grow, but many franchise brands do this at the dramatic expense of the franchisee. They treat franchisees as if franchisees are employees.

What does that look like? Placing more and more franchisees into the same territories, taking high fees that trap franchisees in their businesses because they’re unable to afford hiring quality management or staff, making franchisees pay exorbitantly high costs to the brand to acquire new customers, taking away customers and transitioning franchisees to other customers, etc.

That doesn’t sound like real business ownership, does it? We don’t believe that’s the way to treat franchisees. Franchises that limit franchisees’ ability to grow ultimately struggle to keep customers because their franchisees struggling to run their own “businesses.” We take a different approach and flip this on its head.

Reliable Facility Group Takes A Different Approach

We believe that the way to create the greatest commercial cleaning franchise opportunity in the world is by creating truly happy franchisees. This is backed by our belief that happy franchisees run great businesses that create happy customers. These core beliefs intensify our focus on continuing to make the Reliable Facility Group business model into the best commercial cleaning franchise to own in the world.

By starting with our franchisees as our customer in mind first, we thought:

  • Who are the most valuable customers in the commercial cleaning industry?
  • How can franchisees win those faster and more easily?
  • What is required to keep those customers happy indefinitely?
  • How can our cleaning systems produce those results faster, more simply, and with lower costs?
  • How can we alleviate, or even completely remove, any staffing challenges?
  • What can be done to make this business more flexible and enable it to be operated from home?

We keep asking challenging questions, digging into best practices, unpacking methods from other industries, and learning how to build an incredibly franchise for Reliable Facility Group investors to own.

Some specifics of what Reliable Facility Group does differently

Here are some surface examples of what the Reliable Facility Group franchise does differently. We are glad to unpack even more details when you request more information about our incredible commercial cleaning franchise opportunity. Here’s the list of examples:

  • 4-month no-fee period after becoming a franchisee:No fees are charged to new franchisees for 4 months after signing their franchise agreement. This is so they can focus on building an incredibly strong foundation for their business right out of the gate!
  • Low fees and royalties:These are what enable us to support franchisees, provide systems, branding, research and more; however, we also can operate lean as a company and benefit our franchisees at the same time
  • High Growth yet Recession Proof business model:We’ve designed our CleanLaunch marketing program to attract as many recession proof medical facilities as the franchisee wishes/can afford to target.
  • Superior Systems that enable higher growth and semi-absentee operation: Click here to see more about the superior systems that Reliable Facility Group franchisees have access to for running their business. These systems give franchisees advantages that no other local commercial cleaning business we’ve ever encountered has. Reliable Facility Group franchisees have the capacity to grow faster and with dramatically greater lifestyle flexibility than competitors.
  • Savings passed on to franchisees:In the spirit of focusing on giving franchisees every advantage in their marketplace that we can muster, we also pass on as many savings to them as we can. For example, new franchisees can save over $3,000 just in their first year on software fees that other business owners normally pay that aren’t in the Reliable Facility Group Franchise System.
  • No obligation product portal:We don’t require franchisees to buy directly from us. We do give franchisees access to a private product purchasing portal that’s designed to give them links to the best places to buy supplies and equipment.
  • Expanded Training & Support:Reliable Facility Group franchisees are equipped to do more than just clean and manage cleaning. Our franchisees are trained and supported to build truly sustainable businesses that can run without their daily involvement.
  • Virtual Training:We love being a lifestyle business for our franchisees. We do not require any week-long in-person initial training. The Reliable Facility Group franchise is designed to be flexible, and we carry that same approach from the beginning.
  • And So. Much. More!

When our founder, Matt Pencarinha, started Reliable Facility Group, he set out to build the perfect business for his family. This same mindset drives us today. The perfect business may never be achieved in history, but we believe that we can get very close. It’s this drive keeps us constantly researching, testing, improving, and implementing for Reliable Facility Group franchisees. When you become a Reliable Facility Group franchisee, we understand you’re placing your trust, dreams, and future with us.

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