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Reliable Facility Group not only brings the best business systems to franchisees- it’s also one of the most economical multi-unit franchises you can own. Every current franchisee owns territories totaling over 900 medical facilities. This is because we offer something that’s almost unheard of in franchising.

Only for 2023: Get Three For Two

One special feature that we currently offer franchisees is the option to be freely awarded complimentary territories to lock in a larger area for themselves. This is great for large cities and franchisees that want to build a large business. How it works is, for every two territories that a franchisee decides to make their own, we award them an additional territory of 300 medical facilities free of charge.

These complimentary additional territories are free from individual territory costs and minimums. They exist to reward our franchisees for their ambition and to help them build a bigger business even faster!

Example #1: A franchisee decides to own two territories totaling 600 core medical facilities. This franchisee would be awarded an available neighboring territory of 300 more medical facilities, bringing their total territory to 900 medical facilities. Minimum performance, fees, and marketing would only apply to the two territories they purchased and the third would be free.

Example #2: A franchisee decides to own four territories totaling 1,200 core medical facilities. This franchisee would be awarded two available neighboring territories totaling 600 more medical facilities, bringing their total territory to 1,800 medical facilities. Minimum performance, fees, and marketing would only apply to the four territories they purchased and the other two would be free.

This feature is currently only available for 2023.

Advantages of a multi-unit franchise

Starting a multi-unit franchise with Reliable Facility Group is affordable. In fact, it’s not a lot more expensive than starting with a single territory. That’s because many of the startup costs that go into launching a Reliable Facility Group franchise are smaller or do not apply when launching a second, third, or fourth territory.

Total startup costs for a single Reliable Facility Group franchise range from $16,900 – $49,700, with some of the cost able to be financed by Reliable Facility Group and the remaining by third-party lenders. The financing options allow a Reliable Facility Group owner to start a single territory with as little as $5,000 down.

Starting with two or four territories can be hugely beneficial, and it is still quite affordable. Along with receiving an additional complimentary expansion territory for every two you decide to purchase, you also get the same Reliable Facility Group financing of just $5,000 down per territory (the complimentary territory comes to you as a no-cost bonus).

Many of the costs associated with operating a Reliable Facility Group business will be the same whether you operate one, two, or more. After all, you are unlikely to need more telephone lines, business licenses, insurance, computers, rent, etc. Having multiple territories will allow you to maximize your marketing efforts and grow your business more quickly.

Medical Facility-Based

To ensure that Reliable Facility Group franchisees operating in the same city have plenty of customers, we use zip codes to section off protected territories of at least 300 medical facilities each. So in North Carolina’s City of Asheville- home to our Asheville office- 3 territories were available because there was 987 medical offices.

Newer franchisees are using multiple territories with the goal of eventually achieving market dominance. Rather than confining their sales activity in one area, they are purchasing adjoining territories. It’s a strong growth strategy, because it maximizes the power of marketing efforts and customer referrals.

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